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Coloring with Prismacolor Pencils - Irina

Coloring with Prismacolor Pencils Workshop

Wednesday, December 7th, 2 pm to 7 pm 

This is a hands on workshop.  You will learn:
- How to choose the right paper (at the workshop you will receive a cinch-binded notebook with three    different types of paper)
- Basics of coloring with pencils
- Layering Colors
- Blending
- Color Combinations
- Coloring Skin Tones and Hair Colors
- Coloring Backgrounds (grass, clouds, etc.)
- we will touch up on coloring on Craft cardstock too!!

Please bring pencil sharpener, large soft brush, Ranger Archival Ink in Jet Black and Prismacolor Pencils for your personal use at the workshop.

Note about pencils: I have a 48 pencil set, so if you have/buy this one, you will have almost all of the colors that we will be using.  Additional colors are: Chocolate, Kelp Green, Pale Sage, Ginger Root, Muted Turquoise and Sky Blue Light.

Cost of this workshop is $75