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November 19th - Marathon in the Dark???

Stampers True Grit!  Stamping in the Dark and Cold!

We had the most unbelieveable group of women hang in there with us at our last Marathon - we had NO PG&E - that means: no light, no heat, no electricity, no glue guns, and no heat guns!

Our ladies were coloring in the dark with cold/shaky hands and being so flexible and full of humor throughout the whole day!  The Marathon was from 10-5pm and we did not get our PG&E fixed until 3:30pm that day!

Our thanks and gratitude to our 28 ladies and their "no guts, no glory" attitude for the day! (not to mention the staff - did I mention "hoops" jumped through as well as flexibility?)

I don't know why Estie had the "miner's light" in her stamping tool kit - but she did - could this be a new fad in the world of stamping items?  I am sure we could find a way to embellish it............

Our Customers are awesome!  Thank you ladies!